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Acoustical and Suspended Ceilings in Medicine Hat

Having been serving the Medicine Hat community for over 35 years, our team at Gas City Drywall & Acoustic Ceilings Ltd. takes pride in knowing what our customers want and delivering it well. We provide all types of acoustic and suspended ceilings, and offer several different types of tile to choose from according to our customers’ preferences. No matter which brand or type of tile you prefer, we are happy to go above and beyond to match your exacting requirements. Contact us for all kinds of commercial and residential acoustical ceiling services.

What Do We Do?

We offer a wide range of acoustic ceilings and services.

These include:

Acoustic ceilings.

Acoustic T-bar ceilings.

Commercial and residential ceilings.

Hand-trowelled ceilings

Luminous T-bar ceilings.

Machine sprayed ceilings.

T-Bar Ceiling Suspension System

For optimized acoustic performance, choose our T-Bar Ceiling Suspension System, which can be installed for easy mounting and demounting. 

We can work on the following:

Ceiling Baffles

Acoustical T-Bar Ceilings

Drywall Ceiling Grid Systems

T-Bar ceiling suspension system
view of a construction site

For All Your Ceiling Requirements

Our professional team is happy to meet all your needs for acoustical ceilings.

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