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Insulation Services for Your Medicine Hat Home

Since 1986, Gas City Drywall & Acoustic Ceilings Ltd. has served Medicine Hat and surrounding areas with dedication. One of our more popular offerings over the 35 years we have served the area are home insulation services, for everything from your attics to your walls, from old homes to new ones. We do a lot of upgrades, and provide both commercial and residential insulation services. Besides our regular services, we are also well-versed in obtaining government rebates, whether city, provincial, or federal. We aim to provide the best, and only use pink fibreglass products for all your insulation requirements.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Medicine Hat’s go-to shop for insulation services.

Here’s why our customers prefer our services:

We’ve been serving the community for a long time of over 35 years.

We take pride in staying on-schedule.

We provide real results without going over budgets.

Batt Insulation

Simple and easy, batt insulation is the perfect solution for your needs. Made with a minimum of 70% recycled glass, natural minerals and plant based compounds (formaldehyde free). Fibreglass batt insulation can be customized to suit local conditions and your specific requirements. Improved indoor moisture management and better air quality are among the many benefits you get with batt insulation. If you need insulation services for your walls, ceilings or the entire flooring, contact us for a consultation and find out how batt insulation is the right choice for you.

insulated attic
insulated wall

Blown-in PROPINK Fibreglass Loosefill

Trust our professionals to condition the perfect PROPINK fibreglass loosefill insulation with the use of a blowing machine. The process ensures that the R-value remains the same, and the thermal insulation is maintained without any interruption. It is called an ideal insulation solution as it helps bring down the seasonal maintenance costs. Contact us for the fibreglass loosefill insulation for your attic today.


We provide high-quality soundproofing installation services for both commercial and residential properties in Medicine Hat. Our experts can easily install soundproofing systems on your windows, doors, walls, ceilings or the entire flooring so that your space remains noise-free and you enjoy a peaceful indoor environment. Call us today.

installed soundproofing in wall
view of a truck and a trailer

Commercial and Residential Insulation

Choose Medicine Hat’s favourite insulation service provider for your next project.

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