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Commercial & Residential Drywall & Taping Services in Medicine Hat

Are you renovating your home or just need the help of professional contractors for your drywall finishing requirements? Well, you’re in the right place. Gas City Drywall & Acoustic Ceilings Ltd. provides a full range of commercial and residential drywall and taping services in Medicine Hat for all your needs. From paint finish ceilings and splatter ceilings to tray ceilings and more, we can do it all. For taping, we offer expert taping from our professional team and all types of corner bead. We’ve been serving the community for over 35 years, and are happy to look after all your taping and drywall requirements.

Why Do You Need Drywall Services?

If you need to give a finishing touch to your new or old constructions, you can rely on us for complete drywall finishing and repairing services for your commercial and residential projects.

Drywall is an affordable option for those looking to give their old property a makeover or need to add a finishing touch to their new construction project.

Drywall also helps fix any wear and tear in the garage, basement or other parts of a building.

Why Do You Need Taping Services?

Taping is an important part of your drywall finishing process.

Some reasons why you should consider hiring a professional contractor for drywall taping include:

It helps in making your drywall safe, smooth, and fire resistant.

It helps in bonding together different drywall sheets.

It helps reduce cracks in your sheets.

interior view of a structure
close up of a drywall

Why Do You Need Texture Services?

Make your home regal and stylish with modern texture solutions. Give a touch to your house which is beautiful and classic.

Your walls and ceilings look beautiful with classic textures, including Splatter, Knockdown and Popcorn.

The walls are taped to achieve the highest fire rating. Tape-and-texture walls also allow you to paint over the existing colour.

Texture matching can be done to add beautiful designs that also hide architectural errors.

Well-executed paint finish provides ambient lighting in the rooms.

Your home corners get sharper with modern corner finishing beads, including Round bead, Chamfer bead, Squared bead and Baby Bull bead.

view of an insulated attic

Searching for Drywall and Taping Experts?

Our team is happy to help, providing quality services within affordable rates!

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